Friday, February 20, 2015

Free Magazine Publishing Software 101

Today, if you are looking to create your own magazine whether for self or for business purpose, digital magazine publishing software can greatly help you. In this article we will discuss more about it.

The internet is full of digital magazines these days, you can stumble upon a lot of ads concerning with them while browsing different sites. Whatever topic you can think of, be it sports, women special, cars, food, or politics you will find a digital magazine dedicated to that.  

You will find this article helpful, whether you are interested in creating your own magazine or looking to enhance your business presence through digital magazine or an avid reader who simply want to learn more about digital publishing and digital magazines. 

1)      Digital magazines are available at cheap prices

You will find your favorite digital magazine edition over the web at cheaper prices than its paper counterparts. Also, monthly paid subscriptions available can be delivered right into your desktop always on time and at cost-effective prices. 

2)      Make your magazine short and fun

It is a general misconception that magazines with more than 100 pages will easily attract the readers, to the matter of fact and according to some reports it is wise to keep your magazines to 45 pages or less. It keeps readers engaged and also influences them for coming back to your magazine. 

3)      Anyone can be an editor 

Today, when knowledge is easily and freely available for everyone through lots of blogs and forum sites as well as training videos, seeking and flocking information has become a piece of cake for everyone. Nonetheless, before the advent of the internet, you are required to be a major in journalism to introduce your magazine, but now if you have a passion to write, you can start your own digital magazine without any hassle.

4)      Technology is greatly economical

You can make your own online magazine at extremely economical prices, which does not strain your wallet. You can contact any of the vendors and find out what options are available for you. 

5)      Which is better, free or paid?

If you are looking for free magazine publishing software, maybe you can’t be able to find a lot of interactive animated features which you can find in paid software as nothing good comes for free of charge in this world. You will enjoy a lot of great features such as social media integration, Google Analytics Integration, embedding of the audios and the videos, and setting favorite song as background music in paid software which is not right to expect in a free one.

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